Books by Cyan Deane

Executions Karma by Cyan Deane, an Akirim Press AuthorIn a United States that has turned callous to all, one of deadliest new states is run by the notorious Governor Sam Dearth who has instituted a law where crimes are punishable by the highly viewable online, via television and in person, torturous Execution Stadium.

It’s time for someone else to be executed before all the people, however, when things go desperately wrong, Governor Dearth and his family find themselves in the center of a full out attack that they prophetically brought on themselves through the dismissal of the words of the prophets!

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Dead Man's Mayhem by Cyan Deane, Akirim Press authorThings turn chaotic when Clive Wright, who is supposed to be a dead man lying in his coffin, wakes up to find out that he really isn’t dead but drugged!

With only hours before his burial and loved ones coming to view his body at the funeral home, Clive finds out that his death was planned out, step by step, by not one, but multiple people he knows. What’s even more crazy is that the killers reveal the murderous plot as each one comes to say their final words, but what they don’t know is that Clive is LISTENING!

Clive ends up turning everyone’s lives UPSIDE DOWN when he’s able to break out of the coffin and the funeral home to only show up as a dead man walking before his killers’ very eyes! What happens next is MAYHEM!

DEAD MAN’S MAYHEM is a novella that layers shock and suspense as well as Clive’s raw and savage sense of humor on top of a magnitude of CHAOS – otherwise known as DEAD MAN’S MAYHEM!

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